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Different ways to save.

A CowryWise account brings you a step closer to financial discipline. We make it easy to achieve your personal saving goals. Choose how you save.

Periodic Savings

Automatically save an amount at regular intervals and earn 10% interest rate per annum.

Fixed Savings

Lock away funds for long periods. Choose 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to earn up to 15% per annum.

One Time Savings

Have a free cash lying idle? Make one time saving into any of your existing saving plans.

How Saving On CowryWise Works

In 3 easy steps, start your smart saving journey into financial freedom.

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Create An Account

Sign up for a CowryWise account with your name, email and phone number. For added security, we verify both your email address and mobile number.


Link Your Debit Card

Using your ATM Card/Debit Card, create your first saving plan by specifying how much you want to save, when to start and how often. You can create additional plans later.

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Watch Your Savings Grow!

CowryWise will automatically handle all your savings henceforth. We put your money to work so you can earn competitive interests on a daily basis. Your bank will be jealous.

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How Safe Is My Money?

CowryWise was built with Bank-Grade security features. We work with a PCIDSS compliant payment processor for the security of data. Our assets are held with Meristem Trustees, an SEC registered firm, who ensures saver’s funds are covered by invested asset.

Bank Grade

Two Factor

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Join thousands of users taking charge of their savings with us.

Michael Uwadia "This is a great platform that has enabled me set financial targets for myself and actually helped me work to achieve them. The interest rates are the most attractive features which is awesome compared to banks and I would gladly recommend anyone to jump on this opportunity."
Michael Uwadia
Michael Uwadia This is a great platform that has enabled me set financial targets for myself and achieve them...
Oluwatobiloba Akinjogbin "I was tired of banks and their ridiculous charges. When I heard about CowryWise… best discovery! It’s better than using a bank. I see how my money is growing and I don’t get stories when I have to withdraw. It’s all automated."
Oluwatobiloba Akinjogbin
Oluwatobiloba Akinjogbin I was tired of banks and their ridiculous charges. When I heard about CowryWise, best discovery!
Chibuzor Obilom "Since I started using CowryWise, my savings have improved. CowryWise is so convenient to use that I no longer bother about making efforts to save. Everything is automated. Withdrawal is easy too. They have the best Saving Plans."
Chibuzor Obilom
Chibuzor Obilom Since I started using CowryWise, my savings have improved. CowryWise is so convenient...

What our customers are saving for.

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Meet Sisi 👋🏾

Saving is personal and we all have the urge to keep a tab on how well we're doing. Sisi is a CowryWise bot that helps you with just that. Quick and easy.

Sisi keeps you updated on your savings peformance and plan balances on the move. You can also save quick cash through the bot.

To give Sisi a spin, open your Facebook Messenger and search for CowryWise. She can't wait to meet you!

Why CowryWise?

Daily, Competitive Returns

Banks reserve a high interest rate for their high net worth customers. Your CowryWise savings earn a competitive interest irrespective of amount saved.

Absolutely Free

A CowryWise savings account is free of all charges. No penalties. No account maintainance fees. No SMS fees.

Withdraw from Unlocked Plans

We’ve got your back in case of emergency. You can withdraw money from your unlocked CowryWise savings plans anytime without restriction or penalty.

Join a growing community of smart savers who trust us with their financial plans.

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